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Technological take-off, medicine, and social-health services are undergoing an unstoppable transformation towards new solutions to medical and social problems related to diseases, disabilities, resources management, information systems, and communications.

The enormous development of digital health technologies including computing platforms, connectivity, software, data processing, AI, and sensors for health care and related uses have allowed stakeholders to reduce inefficiencies, improve access, reduce costs, increase quality, and make medicine more personalized for patients as well as facilitating prevention, early diagnosis of life-threatening diseases, and management of chronic conditions outside of traditional health care settings.

AI will be essential to use in epidemiological follow-up, in public health, in hospital management, in patient management, and, on an individual basis, in promoting the health of the population, in early diagnosis and in the assistance and clinical activity. Artificial intelligence will become the basic tool for the creation of new drugs and new therapeutic treatments.

All this is beginning to be possible thanks to the enormous development of data processing and storage capacity and the enormous development of communications and data transfer, which allows huge amounts of data (Big Data) to be stored and transferred from different points and processed. in record time. Thanks to these capabilities, we have been able to develop algorithms for data treatment and read and interpret them, even if they are not structured, so that they offer us the desired results. We have incorporated artificial intelligence through a business transfer through algorithms. What's more, we have introduced algorithms so that you can interpret the results and learn based on them (Machine Learnig). The world of medicine is beginning to be and will be one of the great beneficiaries of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This forum will be addressing questions like: What does the future hold? How will medicine take advantage of technological advances? And what are the most important developments already taking place in medicine? What are the investment strategies to increase R&D?

In the future, the sustainability of hospitals may depend, to a great extent, on the correct management of their capacity to generate innovation, together with universities, institutes/research centers. The path is not only to raise ideas but to transform them into processes or products that generate value and economic return.



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