Italy Healthcare Innovaton Summit 2023

Hosted by Bamberg Health

Event Hybrid in Milan

Location: TBA
Address: TBA, Milan, Italy
Topics: Health Digital Transformation, Artificial Inteligence & Big Data, Hospital Infrastructure & Medical Equipment, Therapeutic innovation & Pharma

The Italy Healthcare Innovation Summit organized by the Bamberg Foundation will bring together decision makers responsible for digital transformation, hospital development and therapeutic innovation in a large live event.

We are bringing together high-level executives from local health authorities, those responsible for the digital transformation of Health, experts in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, hospital infrastructures and medical equipment, including representatives of the biotechnological and pharmaceutical therapeutic innovation.

We will analyze what are the keys to an innovation that will lead us to a new medicine and a transformation of the Health System in Italy.



Target Audience

  • CIO's
  • CEO’s
  • Hospital Pharmacy Directors
  • Equipment and Infrastructure Directors

Event attendees

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