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Technological take-off, medicine, and social-health services are undergoing an unstoppable transformation towards new solutions to medical and social problems related to diseases, disabilities, resources management, information systems, and communications.

According to what is indicated by the WHO, in the last 20 years we have experienced an incessant and continuous process of developing the bases of the digital health model with the appearance of omics sciences, personalized medicine, the development of telemedicine, of massive data processing, Big Data, the Internet of things and Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Health, understood as the process of transformation and digitization in which we are immersed, modifies the way of understanding the processes of the health sector in a disruptive way, affecting professionals, patients and citizens, being a process that It directly affects all possible scenarios.

We are entering an era where, as the World Economic Forum points out, the physical, the digital and the biological merge. This integration represents a change and a world of opportunities for technological and business development, in which scalability and disruption are the characteristics that make this development environment exponential.

The health technology industry forms an essential productive fabric for the health and economy of each country. The digitization of health and Smart Health is a fundamental axis on which to pivot the transformation of the National Health System.

In this forum we have brought together the most relevant people in the field of health management, management of health organizations and health policies, with industry representatives and experts and clinical professionals who use digital technologies in health and the use of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and telemedicine.

We are sure that the interaction and discussions of this Forum will generate valid ideas and proposals for all with a view to excellence in the implementation and development of Digital Health.



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  • Medical Doctors
  • Government Officials
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Service Providers

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